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I'm a NYC-born, bred, and based actor/educator and a graduate of Brown University and the Yale School of Drama.


I’m a character actor who’s done a lot of comedic work; in particular, dark comedy is something in which I feel very comfortable. The work I truly like best is material that has a bit of a dark twinkle - material that is marked by a complicated interplay between lighter and darker elements. However, I feel equally adept at playing more earnest characters, as well as characters outwardly defined by their darkness. I have often played political figures, people with a strong agenda - whether it be benevolent or malicious. I’m a bit of a pessimistic optimist (or an optimistic pessimist?), so this all makes sense to me!

Papa Rehearsal.jpg
Big River Frogs.jpg
Godspell 93.jpg

tiny me standing on my grandfather's lap at a rehearsal

me and my dad outside the Eugene O'Neill Theater at a "frog-jumping contest" promotion for BIG RIVER, in which he made his Broadway debut

onstage with my dad (doing an SNL impression) in GODSPELL

I come from a theatrical family; I’m a proud third-generation artist. There are few things I care about more than breathing life into texts both old and new, as well as helping others to do the same. I live to tell stories. I love making classical text feel fresh (and as accessible as contemporary dialogue) just as much as I do developing new work with beloved playwright friends. There is nothing like being in a room and just getting to play; the joy of that is what has kept me coming back to the theatre over the course of my whole life.

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