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One of the greatest balms during the pandemic shutdown and the trauma of the past couple of years was our continued ability to share stories, both as artists/storytellers and as audience/consumers.

When COVID hit, I immediately jumped into the world of virtual theatre, as did so many. I was part of some great work, joining brilliant company along the way. Here are some of the digital projects I worked on from 2020 through 2022:

Virtual Performances/Reads Below:

SQUARE FINAL - the droll with company an
Bard at the Gate Series
from Paula Vogel


Directed by Devin Brain

Written by Meg Miroshnik

Role: William Rifel

paula vogel.jpeg

A streamed YouTube benefit reading for PAAL and the Dramatists Guild, produced by Paula Vogel, Rosey Strub, and Rachel Spencer Hewitt for Paula’s noted BARD AT THE GATE reading series featured in Playbill and Time Out's suggested digital viewing; featuring most of the original cast.

The Schoolhouse Theater Pandemic Players

I read many plays in public Zoom readings with my friend Bram Lewis's The Schoolhouse Theater (based in Croton Falls, NY). Favorites have included The Lion in Winter, Side ManPresent Laughter, Fireflies, and Savage in Limbo


On(line) and Off(site)
from On and Off Theatre Co.

April 2020


Written by Lia Romeo

Directed by Dan Husson

A one-act comedy. A man lies to his ex-fiancée about being on an endangered flight in order to try to win her sympathy and get her back. Upon discovering the lie, she gets HIM back.

On(line) and Off(site)
from On and Off Theatre Co.

April 2020


Written by Vince Gatton

Directed by Dan Husson

A one-act darkly comedic and touching play about brothers surviving a "twindemic" - of zombies and vampires. Shon works for a toilet paper company (one of the few who still has a job because, as he remarks, "people need toilet paper - lots of it!") The play takes place over Zoom because the younger brother Ari is taking care of family matters out-of-state. Upon learning of a distressing development in the family, the brothers try to sort things out. It's sort of about our current emergency - but in an oblique, comedic, ultimately touching way.

all my sons.jpg
The Plague Play Readings
from Company of Fools




Sonnet Corona Project

Writer/actress Jane Elias wrote a sonnet a day until a coronavirus vaccine was available to the general public in NY; the ambitious project began in May of 2020. I recorded one towards the beginning of this amazing series, now available in its entirety on Vimeo.

Access Theater Writers' Group

Playwright/Actor Collective I've been involved with since 2012.
I've helped develop five full scripts+ with various writers from this group during the pandemic. We had regular, semi-private readings as the pieces have progressed. I was challenged with all sorts of incredible, varied character assignments!

In March 2021, we put together an evening of shorter works to benefit the Arts Leader of Color Emergency Fund and the Access Theater Creative Capital Fund.
But Siriously
by Debra Victoroff

Play streamed in May of 2020.

A young guy struggles with a recent bad romantic decision he's made, which seems to reveal a lifelong pattern.  He expresses his internal arguments aloud to his "smart" phone and to his surprise, dismay, and finally, relief, she responds with some surprising advice.

Full play to come!
by Jack Canfora

Jack Canfora, playwright of Jericho, Fellow Travelers, and more, penned the yet to be released piece Mozart/Beethoven.

I was proud to be part of a digital workshop as Mozart for Jack's continued development on this piece.
Playwrights Gallery

A group I’ve been involved with since 2011. Deborah Savadge, Literary Manager. 

I worked on more than 10 scripts during the height of the pandemic with PG, including a fully-performed evening of live-streamed plays by the brilliantly talented Arden Kass in November 2020.

Manhattan Oracles Group


I continued to read Max Harlington III, a role which I played in a live cabaret-reading series from 2014-2016 at the Duplex Cabaret Theatre in Greenwich Village. The Juliana series is a group of novels resembling Tales of the City, about lesbians and gay men - tracing their lives all the way from WWII to many decades later.

I regularly read work by Robin Rice, Edgar Chisholm, and many more. I did full readings of forthcoming works by the aforementioned playwrights in summer 2021.

TUESDAYS@9 | Naked Angels

NYC’s longest-running public cold reading series; I've been attending since 2015. I got to read roles there on numerous occasions from 2020-21 as it went digital coast-to-coast. I've most recently been developing/reading a role in Kathryn Paulsen's Six Weeks in the Spring.

Naked Angels Reading.jpg
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